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 Pijak hunter 70

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PostSubject: Pijak hunter 70   31st July 2007, 16:23

Ingame name: Pijak


Specc:5/51/5 I can respecc if U want

Professions:Mining 375
Enchanting 359

Location: Poland<Hadykowka>

Activity: I can raid a monday- Friday 19.00-23-00
How many raids would you be on?: I want come on all of them


Karazhan: Keyed.

I have all the heroic keys

Former Guilds. Why did you leave it/them?: Indpedence they have a slow progress. Ride t h e Ligthning CM of guilds cheating the take items out off roll:(

Former Raid experience?: PreTBC: MC, ZG (On my D00t) TBC: Cleared Kara and Grull

Why would you like to join us: I hear a lot about U. you seem like a very friendly guild with bether progress then my old guilds

Some information about yourself. Tell us the whole truth (we can handle it):I am 18 years old guy from Poland:) I live with my parents and my sister older then my I just passs Matura:)^^ Now I will be looking for a job
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PostSubject: Re: Pijak hunter 70   31st July 2007, 19:07

I normally feel like every applier deserves a proper reply.
But ehrm, Pjiak, filling out a application template which isn't ours, is really bad.

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Pijak hunter 70
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