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 Mage - Blaki

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PostSubject: Mage - Blaki   1st August 2007, 18:18

Original owner of the account: Me.
Country: Slovenia
Age: 17

Character Name: Blaki
Race: Undead
Class: Mage

Profile (e.g. Armory/CTProfile): For armory links- If you log off or idle around, please be in the gear for
the spec you applied to the guild with: 10/48/3

Got full gemmed and enchanted Spellstrike & Frozen Shadoweave sets if you want me to go frost.

Keys held:
Heroic keys
- Sha'tar: Yes.
- Keepers of Time: Yes.
- Thrallmar: Yes.
- Cenarion Expedition: Yes.
- Lower City: Yes.

Raid keys
- Karazhan: Yes.
- Black Temple: No.
- Hyjal Summit: No.

Activity (i.e. which days you can raid): Almost everyday from 19:00 till 00:00.
Previous guild: Independence
Reason for leaving: This is gonna be a long story but ok. I wanted to leave for some time because there was a lack of good players in the guild. I wanted to help them, made the group (invited 2 friends to it too). At that point I wasn't sure if the people don't want epics or are they just don't care. My outside guild friends weren't slacking but almost half of the guildies were. Not showing up on time (one was 3 hours late) and talking back when I told them to respecc (i was mage cm). And then it happend. I said to Smackdown that I was going to leave the guild because of this things. He started to think the same and said well yes I will leave too. Same happend with Ezekiel, they both wanted to leave. Then they told this to Exx (GM). They removed me from Skype conference then and in about 10min I got /w from Exx telling me that I put those two up to leaving the guild and that I better leave. So I did. I don't know what's wrong with that guild. If they can't take some critisism that's not good imo. Also their GuildBank is low-low. Me and my karazhan group made almost 2000g bank in 2 hrs. With all the items and pots, gems, oils, well feed food. (I can send you the picture.)
That are my reasons for leaving the guild.

PvE Experience: Full Karazhan and all Heroics.
Guild vouchers: Looked into dictionary but didn't figure this one out. Wink

Why do you want to join us: I want to join you mostly for raids and to have fun with nice people. Also for epics and gearing up. Wink
What do you expect from us: A nice family with experienced people that got time to help the guild and focus during raids. Smile

Information about yourself: My name is Žan (Male). I come from Slovenia. In my spare time I go out with friends to clubs, ride bmx and my Aprilia Rs 125 (<3). Atm I have holidays but I'm going into 3rd year of Electrical Engineering school. I'm a fun person all the time so it will be a lot of crazy moments with me. Wink (Until people start to slack. Razz Then I get mad. Wink
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PostSubject: Reply-   1st August 2007, 18:52

Hello Blaki.
First of all, Very nice app. shows us that you actually want to join, and you care.
your keys seems fine, all tho your PvE experience is abit low, haven't you done anything before TBC ?

Officers will make a decision once you replied.

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PostSubject: Accepted-   1st August 2007, 19:24

Spoke with Blaki ingame, Accepted as trial
Welcome Blaki. Whisper me ingame for invite
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PostSubject: Re: Mage - Blaki   1st August 2007, 20:01

Topic locked.
Welcome to the guild.
- Signed.

Site administrator, Casual Perfection.
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Balnazzar EU.
- Lolrr
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PostSubject: Re: Mage - Blaki   

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Mage - Blaki
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