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 Rogue - Deadsneaki

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PostSubject: Rogue - Deadsneaki   6th August 2007, 16:21

Original owner of the account: Yes
Country: Denmark
Age: 15

Character Name: Deadsneaki

Race Undead

Class: Rogue

Profile [URL] [/URL]
the spec you applied to the guild with: 41/0/20

Keys held:
Heroic keys
- Sha'tar:? No
- Keepers of Time:? No
- Thrallmar:? No
- Cenarion Expedition:? No
- Lower City:? No

Raid keys
- Karazhan:? Very soon
- Black Temple:?
- Hyjal Summit:?

Activity : I can always raid friday and saturday, the other days depends on the time of the year.

Previous guild: It haven't been that long time since i dinged 70 so i haven't got a raid guild with my rogue but i've raided with my druid.

Reason for leaving: I leaved the guild because the guild leader and officers didn't know what to do in karazhan.

PvE Experience: I've been in karazhan but 4 times but only the second time we got to kill Moroes.

Guild vouchers: Jamiie

Why do you want to join us: I want to join you because i want to raid to get better gear and i wanna meet new ppl Smile

What do you expect from us: I expect you to be nice to me and that there is alot of guild chat Smile

Information about yourself: I'm 15 years old i live in Denmark with my familly and i'm in 9th grade and in my spare time i'm playing Basket ball, playing wow and together with my friends. I use quiet alot of time with my friends and well thats it!
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PostSubject: Re: Rogue - Deadsneaki   6th August 2007, 17:43

Hi Deadsneaki.

Your application is in conclusion okay, but I also find it very confusing.
I quote; "I can always raid Friday and Saturday, the other days depends on the time of the year."

You can raid 2 days a week, and the other days depends on the time of the year?
What do you mean? You can't play during spring, autumn etc?
Not that this really matters though.
You don't have a single Heroic key, you're not even attuned to Kara, and your gear is very weak. Your gear has to be something I can have with me to Karazhan, and something you can get a high damage output of. Your current gear doesen't have that opportunity.

- Declined. Topic locked.

Site administrator, Casual Perfection.
Class Leader Rogue
Balnazzar EU.
- Lolrr
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Rogue - Deadsneaki
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