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 Fury warrior Nativee

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PostSubject: Fury warrior Nativee   22nd August 2007, 17:30



Character Name:



Profile (e.g. Armory/CTProfile): For armory links- If you log off or idle around, please be in the gear for
the spec you applied to the guild with:

Keys held:]
Heroic keys
- Sha'tar: need 1 maybe 2 runs
- Keepers of Time: Yes
- Thrallmar: Yes
- Cenarion Expedition: No
- Lower City:Yes

Raid keys
- Karazhan: Yes
- Black Temple: No
- Hyjal Summit: No

Previous guild:

Reason for leaving:
Conviction: Kicked because i had some problems with the Officers.

PvE Experience: Just kara

Why do you want to join us: Like to do raids heared from chasm this was a nice guild for me to join:)

What do you expect from us:
I expect a active guild, including nice people with humor:P

Information about yourself:
hobbys: Thai boksing. WoW

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PostSubject: lau talking here :D   22nd August 2007, 17:44

OK... first of all i think that there is 2 little information in your aplication, for example, i would like to know what it the spec you are aplaying for, what days you are able to raid and hour range, your real name and that kind of things....

With this said. i will like you to make a new aplication or make and "expansio" of the one already posted. Thank you for your time and i hope u answer asap.

greetings lau
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PostSubject: native- fury warrior   22nd August 2007, 17:57

Im fury build, and would like to join as raid DPS.
i can raid mostly every night from 7 till 23:20
real name is Joost

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PostSubject: aplication reply   22nd August 2007, 18:34

After thinking some time, i must say that i am not pleased. There is no effort at all in your aplication, you dont have any Pve experience beside karazahan. To be honest i dont think that your gear is the most awesome thing, not that is a requirement since we search for skill players, and epic is not the same as skill. But to be honest i dont consider you being experiesnsed enough to give the guild the contribution we are searching for. With that said i will unfortunatly have to unaccept your aplication, if you wish so, you can applie to guild again in the future when you think you are ready.

Application not accepted.
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PostSubject: Re: Fury warrior Nativee   22nd August 2007, 20:06

Application declined.
Topic locked.

Site administrator, Casual Perfection.
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PostSubject: Re: Fury warrior Nativee   

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Fury warrior Nativee
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