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 Application template, read this before writing!

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PostSubject: Application template, read this before writing!   21st July 2007, 15:26


-Your gear has to be fully enchanted and socketed.
-You have to have Ventrilo 2.3, a working microphone and the ability to speak and understand English fluently.
-You should be able to raid at least 3 evenings a week from 19.00 to 24.00
-Be able to take criticism for mistakes you make.
-Have either the gold to buy or the time to farm for consumables.

- First of all, this one goes out to one of the greatest website administrators I have seen, Superginiman, and therefore these are very helpful tips you should consider before making your application.
- Registering an account; Registering an account is really important if you get accepted into the guild. If you dont got an account, I wont be able to give you Member access to our forum, so use 5 mins on creating and validating an account, and you're saved alot of shit.
- Making the application; Making an application is like baking a cake. You want it to look good, not like something your dog barfed. My point is, put some effort into your application, don't fill the template in 2 mins. Use some time. See it through, rewrite typos etc. This greatly increases your chance of joining the guild.
- Creating a link; When typing a link, make sure you create it as a hotlink. To do this, simply type [URL] <Your gear link> [/URL]
- Topic name; For the ease of the Class Leaders, please name the topic of your application with "Class - Name". Example; Rogue - Lolr.

If you think you meet all these conditions, go on.

Application template
To make an application, please provide at least the information listed below.
Anything more you would like to tell us is a plus and might increase your chances to be accepted.

Your application topic name should be named after your class and character name. Ex; Rogue - Lolr

Original owner of the account:

Character Name:



Profile (e.g. Armory/CTProfile): For armory links- If you log off or idle around, please be in the gear for
the spec you applied to the guild with:

Keys held:
Heroic keys
- Sha'tar:?
- Keepers of Time:?
- Thrallmar:?
- Cenarion Expedition:?
- Lower City:?

Raid keys
- Karazhan:?
- Black Temple:?
- Hyjal Summit:?

Activity (i.e. which days you can raid):

Previous guild:

Reason for leaving:

PvE Experience:

Guild vouchers:

Why do you want to join us:

What do you expect from us:

Information about yourself:

(Edit by Lolrr; No, not your lifestory. What you do on your spare time, your name, sex etc. We need to know who's applying. We want to get to know you:>)
On the courtesy of Guild Master Gryffi, posted by Lolrr.
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Application template, read this before writing!
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